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Atmos 12 DPX

The Atmos 12 DPX is a portable device for indoor measurement of the radon activity concentration.

The Atmos 12 DPX is a portable device for indoor measurement of the radon activity concentration. The ATMOS 12 DPX is based on the pulsed ionization-chamber technology. This technique offers superior performance in terms of sensitivity and quickness in response. For the user, this means many accurate measurements per day and the possibility to use sniffing.

The functions of the instrument are controlled by a micro-processor. The background radiation is automatically rejected, and the result is presented on the LC display. Simply choose a suitable integration time, between one minute and 24 hours, and push the start button. In addition to the reading of the radon concentration, the display will also show the present statistical error, the run time since start, the chosen integration time and the present date and time. For the user, this means full control and simple handling.

Every ten minutes, the mean value of the radon concentration is stored in the memory of the micro-computer. Regardless of how the instrument is handled, which buttons are pushed etc, the memory always contains the latest 28 days. Also, if the integration time is set to one hour or longer, an energy spectrum is automatically stored.

The memory can be read either by a PC computer or directly by a printer, for print-out of reports and time distributions of the radon concentration. For the user, this means great possibilities to produce informative and detailed documentation.

Thanks to all these advantages, ATMOS 12 DPX is the ultimate choice for all professional users. It is useful in every measurement situation, from quick screening to rigorous measurements prior to installation of mitigation systems.

For technical details, please see the data sheet. (PDF help)

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